"For at least 15 years our company has gained added value from all advertising campaigns executed by Comedia. Comedia’s painstaking attention to detail must be applauded. New advertisinig suggestions are innovative and executued with energy and enthusiam. Timelines are strictly adhered to in the interests of a succesful outcome. Comedia’s familairity with the advertising industry and its processes is indeed extensive …"

- Lucy Karafilakis – Director for Mochachos Brand (Pty) Ltd (Full Testimonial here)

"We have worked with Comedia for over a decade, and we can always rely on your creativity, sound advice, professional service and timely delivery. This confidence and trust in Comedia as a supplier is invaluable to our business. We consider you part of our team and we are grateful for the exceptional value that you bring."

- Leigh Angelo – Managing Director ITP Communications (Full Testimonial here)

"I have been lucky enough to work with Gordon for over 6 years now, both in my previous position and company and within Thebe Reed Exhibitions currently. Gordon’s knowledge and expertise in the industry is unprecedented, along with his kind nature and willingness to assist and conceptualize a unique and tailored campaign to suit our overall campaign."

- Sandra Jardim – General Manager Marketing & PR - Decorex SA Portfolio: Reed Exhibitions (Full Testimonial here)